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Every child is entitled to an education, so join RDF in it's effort to provide affordable and quality education.

The Rural Development Foundation (RDF), founded in 1996, is an Indian nonprofit organization with the mission of providing quality education for disadvantaged rural children. RDF currently educates more than 2000 students from five schools and one junior college in the Andhra Pradesh state, taking a unique holistic approach to education through innovative programs and teaching methodologies.

Rather than using the conventional method of rote memorization, RDF focuses on cultivating critical thinking skills and encouraging students to understand and apply concepts. RDF does this through special programs such as Social Awareness, Youth Empowerment, Student Leadership and actively participating in many competitive sports. RDF strives to educate students to become empowered leaders of their communities, working towards the vision of a transformed and prosperous rural India.

As we heavily subsidize our students education, we are looking for donors to help support our schools. Your generous donation of a minimum of $15/Month will support at least one student in gaining quality education. We would be pleased if you choose to contribute more, helping more children.

Tax Deduction: Donations to RDF are through India Rural Development Fund (IRDF), a 501(c) 3 organization. Donations made to IRDF are tax deductible in the US. Please consult your advisor on local country tax deductibility.

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